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Have you ever noticed those white marks on your teeth? We can easily transform your smile by removing these through our Icon treatment. This is a gentle process; no drilling or injections required.

White marks on front teeth are common, this occurs due to loss of and/ or disorganised mineral content on the surface of the teeth (the enamel). The many reasons for this:

trauma to baby teeth that affect the adult teeth

Illness as a child that may lead to white spots on adult teeth

Decalcifications of enamel due to poor cleaning, fizzy drinks, plaque, dry mouth and difficulty cleaning around the orthodontic brackets

Fluorosis occurs from consuming too much fluoride as a child

Historically the white marks are covered by drilling them way and placing porcelain veneers or composite material in its place. With ICON treatment there is no loss of healthy hard tissue, it is a minimally invasive treatment using scientific process of resin infiltration allowing the white mark to blend in with the surrounding tooth to provide a beautiful and aesthetic smile.

With Icon management the pores of the tooth are opened and its infiltrated with a tooth coloured resin. This allows a deep penetration of the resin that is set to mask the loss of and/ or disorganised mineral. This resin also helps protects the tooth from future decalcifications. This results in a beautiful, healthy and aesthetically pleasing all over white smile.

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Key benefits of ICON treatment at Watford Smiles:

Non-invasive (No drilling, No injections)

Immediate results



Suitable for children

We offer 0% interest for the first 12 months, offering you the flexibility to spread your payments.

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