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Occurs when bacteria in your mouth uses the food and drink you have (particularly containing sugar) to create acid in your mouth that dissolves the outer layer (enamel) of your teeth. The bacteria (plaque) is stuck to your teeth and if not adequate removed with toothbrushing or flossing it begins to breakdown the outer layer and affect the inner layers (dentine), which can cause pain (sensitivity or aches).

What are the symptoms of tooth decay?

Sometimes you may not have any visible symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. A dental radiograph will help show if this is the case. If left untreated can lead to further problems such as infection or gum disease.

Some symptoms of tooth decay include:

Sensitivity (sharp pain)

Bad Breath

Brown, black marks on your teeth

Repair badly decayed teeth

Unpleasant taste in your mouth

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How is tooth decay treated?

In the early stages, prevention can help it from progressing. Our clinicians, at Watford Smiles can help apply protective varnish on your teeth to help and go over a bespoke plan to stop this from happening again.

If the decay has advanced into the inner layer of your teeth, it means you may need a filling. If it has progressed too far than you may need a root canal treatment. In severe cases, these options may not exist and you may need the tooth removed.

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