Watford Smiles Wisdom
Teeth Removal Services

At Watford Smiles we assess your wisdom teeth (third molars) and decide whether or not it should be removed before it damages other teeth. In most cases, we can prevent this from happening, however at times we you may not have any choice e.g. impacted wisdom teeth.

The main reasons for these to be removed:

Lack of space

Gum infection

Tooth infection

Affecting other teeth (dental decay)

Food trapping

Wisdom teeth removal cost from £120 per tooth.

For more information please contact us or book in for a dental check up.

We do offer sedation services to help make the process easy and pain-free. This option is complete safe and ensure we have a positive experience throughout the procedure and afterwards. The entire procedure with sedation takes less than an hour, and by the time you wake up from your sedation and your back at home, you wont even remember you had it done.

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