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No time to wait? Need to transform your smile instantly? Dental composite bonding North Watford is a non-invasive option to transform your smile.

Composite bonding is done by applying resin that matches the colour of your teeth to help improve and enhance the shape of your teeth, cracks, and worn teeth. It can even mask crowding and close spaces/ gaps between your teeth.

Composite Bonding Watford

There are two types of composite bonding:

Benefits of Composite bonding at Watford Smiles:

Composite Bonding North Watford Free consultation

Composite Bonding North Watford No injections

Composite Bonding North Watford No tooth pain or sensitivity

1 year guarantee on treatment

Treatment complete very quickly

Lasts 3-5 years

Cheaper than dental veneers or crowns

We offer 0% interest for the first 12 months, offering you the flexibility to spread your payments.

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Interesting Facts About North Watford

Historic Info

In 1833 the London and Birmingham Railway began to construct its new long-distance railway line through Watford which opened in 1838 between London Euston and Boxmoor. The advent of the railway improved links to London and other cities and made Watford attractive to industry; as a result, the need for more housing increased and the land usage in North Watford was given over to house building.

Among the industries setting up in the area was Wells Watford Brewery Ltd. Founded in 1890 by Lincolnshire farmer Ralph Thorpe, the brewery built up a large operation on St Albans Road with its premises linked to the St Albans branch line via a short railway line for transporting beer into London.

General Info

North Watford is situated between Watford town center and Garston. The area of North Watford is not officially defined but is generally understood as the area north of Watford Junction railway station. North Watford roughly corresponds to the boundaries of three electoral wards in Watford, Leggatts, Callowland, and Tudor Wards.