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Our Dental Crown North Watford are used to protect teeth from further damage such as fractures, cracks, loss of tooth structure (from decay or trauma). Dental crowns are extremely strong and give a natural tooth appearance. They still need the same care as your own teeth to keep them in place for many years.

A dental crown is used to:

A crown is made by preparing the tooth to allow a crown to sit over the top. Once the tooth is prepared we take a digital scan or an impression. We can make some crowns chair-side with the CEREC machine or we make it built by a dental laboratory. If made chairside, you enjoy a drink and some reading whilst we make your crown. If made by a dental laboratory, then a temporary crown is used to protect the prepared tooth whilst your custom-made crown is made.

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Same Day Dental Crown North Watford

Gone are the days of multiple appointments over several weeks before veneers or crowns could be fitted. CEREC™ machines have transformed cosmetic dentistry, allowing us to craft and fit veneers or crowns in just one visit!

CEREC™ is a state-of-the-art dental restoration product that uses digital scanning and CAD/CAM technology to make precise three-dimensional digital impressions of your tooth. The dentist then designs the crown before milling it out of ceramic on a computer-controlled milling machine in a matter of minutes.

No messy impressions or temporary crowns, less tooth removal, and the convenience of a single appointment. Our veneers, crowns and white fillings look as strong, natural and are as long-lasting as your existing teeth.

Benefits of CEREC™at Watford Smiles

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Dental Crown North Watford Transform your smile with long-lasting crowns, veneers and white fillings made from the highest quality materials

Dental Crown North Watford Convenient same day crowns are custom-made for you in a single appointment

No need for temporary crowns or messy impressions

Even badly damaged teeth can usually be saved with a Cerec

We offer 0% interest for the first 12 months, offering you the flexibility to spread your payments.

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Interesting Facts About North Watford

Historic Info

In 1833 the London and Birmingham Railway began to construct its new long-distance railway line through Watford which opened in 1838 between London Euston and Boxmoor. The advent of the railway improved links to London and other cities and made Watford attractive to industry; as a result, the need for more housing increased and the land usage in North Watford was given over to house building.

Among the industries setting up in the area was Wells Watford Brewery Ltd. Founded in 1890 by Lincolnshire farmer Ralph Thorpe, the brewery built up a large operation on St Albans Road with its premises linked to the St Albans branch line via a short railway line for transporting beer into London.

General Info

North Watford is situated between Watford town center and Garston. The area of North Watford is not officially defined but is generally understood as the area north of Watford Junction railway station. North Watford roughly corresponds to the boundaries of three electoral wards in Watford, Leggatts, Callowland, and Tudor Wards.