Watford Smiles Non-Surgical
Nose Enhancement

Nose reshaping or non-surgical nose job uses dermal fillers to achieve a more symmetrical and attractive nose without having to go through surgery, complications and high cost.

Improves a flat bridge

Improve a slightly crooked or an off centre nose correction

Depressions which can be filled

Camouflage a bump or hook on the bridge of the nose

To balance the size of the nose in comparison with other facial features

To refine an asymmetrical nose

To refine the nose shape or size following surgical rhinoplasty

To achieve improvement in other minor concerns with the nose

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Lip Benefits of Nose Reshaping at Watford Smiles

Treatment takes approx. 15-30 minutes

No affect on breathing

Quick recovery

Lasts 6-18 months

Can go back to work immediately

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